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Rachel Obringer
02/15/2008 06:41

Hi Liz,
The Nature Center pic of Katie didn't show up on the page. It was just a white box with an x in it. All the other pics showed up. Go figure! Rachel

Kim Ross
05/25/2008 21:42

The Web site looks great! Lots of helpful info; I especially love the photo gallery and being able to order prints of the pictures, so keep the photos coming!

06/26/2008 12:07

Hi Liz!Nice to see you on the pics.And I guess Molly is standing in front of our german bus on one picture...and I´ve found Konrad on the class-picture...just look for the boy who stands in the wrong direction...:-)
Much love,Bente

07/14/2012 02:16

will be restored soon

09/25/2012 03:08

THX for info


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