What is your favorite thing about school?

Rachel Obringer
2/14/2008 05:51:57

I love your new website! It tells a lot about your classrooms.
My favorite thing about school is the very beginning of the day. I love seeing the kids walk in with big smiles on their faces and ready for a fun school day. It makes me smile just thinking about it! Have a great day in school. Rachel Obringer...a former TriMaP teacher! :)

kimberly warren
9/6/2008 21:57:06

I just viewed and wrote down the class schedule. When Samantha was in Ms. M's class we got a calendar sent home each month with their schedule and volunteers names on it. I don't really need that, however, I would like a printed schedule so I know when her hair needs to be up and gym shoes are needed. Another mom and I were talking at a play date and we both agreed that we feel very uninformed compared to last year. We want Spanish notes so we can reinforce what they learned, as well as math, reading, spelling, etc. We know our girls are smart, but they can't recite the minutes of their day and all we want is to be able to reinforce what they learned.
Can you please send more information home about what they learn on a daily basis?
Thank You in advance,
Kimberly Warren
P.S. If that is what will happen after school is in full swing with the 1st full week coming up then I apologize for being antsy, I just felt I knew more last year on the 1st day of school.

7/16/2012 07:03:34

Thank you for info


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